The Cove Boathouse

The Cove Boathouse

About the project

The Cove Boathouse Project

I. Introduction:

A. Project Name: The Cove Boathouse

B. Project Overview: This project focused on designing and constructing a pier and boathouse that was capable of housing two boats, as well as a split level entertainment area while keeping a small footprint due to canal and HOA size restrictions. It added the additional feature of a exterior catwalk access walkway to allow access on the outer most part of the boathouse without the need for additional pilings.

II. Project Details:

A. Project Scope:

The structure is to be constructed based on the following dimensions:

A main platform - (10) ten feet in width & (16) sixteen feet in length to the farthest left of structure with a front drop-down (10) ten feet in width& (8) feet in length accessible by a single full-length step.

A center walkway parallel to the main platform (10) ten feet of spacing to the right of the main platform for a bass boat slip. The walkway is to be (4)four feet in width &(24) twenty-four feet in length.

An outside bridge-way parallel to the center walkway and main platform(12) twelve feet of spacing to the right of the center walkway. The bridge-way is to be (2) two feet in width & (24) twenty-four feet in length.

The entire structure39 3 1/3 x 26 5 3/4 is to be covered by a stick framed hip roof with sheetmetal covering & sheet metal hip & ridge capping. The roof is to be -(39) thirty-nine feet (3-1/2) three & one-half inches in width & (26)twenty-six feet (5-3/4) five & three-forth inches in length. The roof is to be a (4:12) four: twelve pitch with rafters spaced (16) sixteen inches on-center.

B. Key Features: Custom designed 8 foot split length drop down entertainment area and exterior catwalk access walkway.

C. Challenges and Solutions: This project presented the unique challenge of supporting the additional exterior catwalk access walkway, without the use of additional timber pilings to keep the cost of the project down. This required us to think outside the box and dig into our engineering specification books to determine a fastening and hardware solution that would freely support the dead-load and live-load weight of this catwalk, while creating an aesthetically pleasing structural support system using a single piling.

D. Project Duration: 2 weeks.

III. Construction Process:

A. Planning and Design: Planning required a few iterations of the design to achieve the perfect structure that also delivered the clients ideal budget.

B. Construction Phases: As with many of our Marine projects, first the site is scanned for geotechnical specifications. It is important to understand the soil and subsurface ground structure to properly drive piles to completion. Once the site is fully understood, pilings are driven based on size, load requirements, and soil conditions. Once the pilings are in place, the exterior timber framing can be installed and minor adjustments can be made to bring any of the pilings back into square per the blueprints. Then the internal framing structures may be installed and waterproofed to add additional life-span to the timber before the decking and roofing are placed. Once the complete framing of the structure passes a rigorous inspection process, the flooring and roofing products can be installed. Once the roofing product is in place, auxiliary components may be installed if selected by the client; such as mechanical boat-lift systems, railings, lighting, electrical, plumbing, audio-video, and much much more.

C. Materials and Techniques: Treated round timber pilings, structural anti-backing lag screws, specialty hidden decking screws for a clean flooring finish, rough-cut treated timber beams used for the boat-lift exterior structure, 4" Steel I-Beams used for the internal structure, 220V electric mechanical boat-lift using 3/8" stainless steel cable.

D. Special Thanks: Denovo USA would like to give a special thanks and credit to Jace Jarreau with Jarreau's on The Lift for completing the installation of the mechanical boat-lift. Jace is a talented and trusted partner of Denovo USA, and is a tremendous technician of mechanical boat-lifts. Thank you, Jace!

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